lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Storytelling WITH Flamenco air

Storytelling WITH Flamenco air

Multidisciplinary show which combines two ancient arts: Storytelling and Flamenco.
This performance is the result of fifteen years of stage work, research and creativity through the eyes of a spanish woman. “Stories with Flamenco air” is a different style to tell stories. It is another way to spread stories through Flamenco dance.
"With flamenco air" has five Spanish stories. This show is a travel through Spanish folklore and literature, from Middle Age until contemporary literature. These stories are funny and ironic at a time to speak about different Spanish characters from Spain.
There are many theories about the origin of Flamenco name. Some researchers say that the origin was Arabic. Others say it was Sephardic, and also it is said the origin was the name of the wader animal, the flamingo. Beyond theories, the truth is that flamenco is a feeling. A flaming feeling mixed with stories in this show.

 Technical data:
  • Oral narrator and dancer: Beatriz Montero
  • Version of the stories: Beatriz Montero and Enrique Paez
  • Sound: Enrique Páez
  • Dance direction: Ana Manrique
  • Costumes: Es Flamenco and Lolita Design
  • Production: International Storytelling Network (ICN)
  • Direction: Enrique Páez
  • Minimum space: 4 x 3 x 2 meters (width x depth x height).
  • A room with good sound quality. If the room does not have acceptable sound quality, it will require wireless microphone head.
  • A CD player.
  • A black and backed chair.

Type of audience: Adult
Show time: 1 hour

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